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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 19 (Avengers x Reader)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 19: Everything has changed
While Bruce had attended your wounds and Natasha had looked at you all worried when Bruce removed the bullet, Steve, Clint and Tony had been talking to Fury. Apparently Steve had become really angry with Fury for not telling him it was a – not so abandoned – Hydra base. He had thrown the folder you had retrieved from the warehouse on the table and had walked out of the room, followed by an amused Tony and head shaking Clint.
As you were putting back on your shirt and Natasha helped you carry your things they came walking into Bruce’s lab.
‘You kicked some ass back there, cap!’ Tony said, a grin covering his face. ‘I didn’t know you had it in you.’
‘Forget about it, Tony. I just lost it. It won’t happen again.’
‘Did I say it was a bad thing?’
‘What did Fury have to say?’ Natasha cut in.
‘Nothing much,’ Clint answered. ‘
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Oh dear....
Something must be wrong with me... I don't want to do any memes. .-.
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 18 (Avengers x Reader)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 18: Abanoned Warehouse
You had just come out of the shower when the doorbell rang. You quickly dried your hair and put on some clothes and made your way over to the door. When you opened it you looked into Natasha’s eyes.
‘The cap says to suit up,’ she said.
‘Would I be here if it wasn’t now?’
‘You smiled. ‘Give me a minute to get my stuff.’
She nodded, while you gestured she could come in. ‘Nice apartment, [Name]. A shame you never invite me over!’
You laughed while you put the belt Tony had made around your hips and pressed the button, slowly revealing the black and blue armored suit. You opened the drawer of you dresser and lay your hand on the bottom of the empty drawer. It scanned your hand, made an approving sound and the bottom slid away, revealing two guns and some ammunition. You clicked the two guns to the back of your belt and put the extra ammo in the pock
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 17 (Avengers x Reader)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 17: Old love never dies
‘What do you miss the most about the 1940’s?’ you asked Steve when you had seated yourself on the terrace outside of the little café near Tony’s house. The waitress had taken your order and now you were sipping the hot coffee.
Steve sighed. ‘You really want to talk about that?’
‘Well, you never talk about it, to anyone, but talking helps, Steve, trust me.’
He smiled sadly. ‘So I’ve been told…’
You reached for his hand and took it in yours. With your thumb you caressed the side of his hand. ‘Then talk to me, Steve. You can tell me anything.’
Steve stared at his hand in yours and swallowed hard. ‘I… I don’t… I just miss everything. The air, the cars, the innocence…. The people.’
You smiled at him, encouraging him to continue.
‘I miss Bucky and….’ He sighed again, pulling his hand from your
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 16 (Avengers x Reader)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 16: Bring it On
You trained with Ethan for a couple weeks. Your aim improved every day. You knew you were never going to be as good as him, but that was not your goal. You only wanted to be fast and efficient. You wanted to know how to get your enemies out of the game fast and clean. You weren’t going to make shooting your new hobby. You had better things to do.
You had seen Steve a few times before shooting practice. He had asked you once if you wanted to go for a cup of coffee with him after the training together, but because you had already had an appointment with Ethan you had to refuse. He had seemed very disappointed and you had quickly told him that you would love to go for coffee at the end of the week. You would just switch your training times with Steve and Ethan, so that you would meet Ethan first and would then train with Steve, leaving time after the training to go for coffee with him. Even though you started to like Ethan more and
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 15 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 15: Agent Lewis
After talking with Tony for a while about your progress, your powers and even a bit about Pepper, you thought it was time to go home. You would have liked to train some more with Steve, but he had already left. You had thought about finding Clint, but then you remembered he had gone after Natasha to join her in her mission. As you were walking into the great hall, towards the exit, Fury came walking towards you.
‘Come with me, [Name],’ he said, gesturing you should follow him.
You sighed, looking at the beautiful weather outside. You had already pictured yourself on your balcony with a glass of cold, white wine and your feet up in the air. That was not going to happen now.
You followed him back towards the training rooms. You were glad you had not changed yet. He leaded you to the gun range, all the way to the back of the long hallway with several doors leading to different kinds of training rooms. In front of the range a t
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 14 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 14: Suit up
‘I thought you said you hit her hard?’ Bruce said, turning your face around with his fingers under your chin.
‘He did…’ you said, smiling towards Steve who was leaning against the wall.
You didn’t feel the stinging pain anymore. You hadn’t felt it since you had walked out of the training room. You had told Steve it wasn’t necessary to see Bruce, but  Steve had insisted. Partly because he knew Bruce would want to see the healing process and partly probably because he felt guilty for hitting you that hard. You didn’t really mind. You were happy he had finally started treating you like an equal, or at least part of the team.
As you were sitting on one of the tables in the lab, the only thing you felt was the cold metal pressing against your hands.
‘Well I don’t see or feel anything, so you’ll be fine,’ Bruce let go of your face.
‘I told you,’ you to
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 13 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 13: Training
The first couple of trainings together with Steve were a bit boring. He would only learn you the basics of everything that he knew. You noticed right away that there was a huge difference between how Natasha approached you and how Steve did.
Natasha wasn’t afraid to hurt you, because she knew it would only make you better in the end. When Steve showed you how to deflect punches, he would never use his full strength, causing you to get annoyed after a while. You didn’t like that he treated you like something fragile, even though he knew you were nothing like that.
Steve wiped the sweat from his brow, while he was drinking some water. You seated yourself next to him and sighed.
‘Are we ever really going to train together?’
Steve looked at you, frowning. ‘What do you mean? We are training now, right?’
You laughed, shaking your head. ‘Come one, Steve. We both know this is not how you normally fight.
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 12 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 12: Punching Bag
Your first year at S.H.I.E.L.D. was hard. Fury had you running around in circles, seeing how much you could do and how much exactly you were like Steve. You were not nearly as strong or fast, but as you trained more and harder it seemed like you were getting closer. No one had any idea why or how that was possible.
Bruce had insisted to run all the test. He was as excited as a puppy. You didn’t really care who took the tests, as long as you didn’t have to be naked in front of everyone. Bruce had blushingly obliged to your request.
Tony had tried to cut you several times, to see how fast your skin would heal. He succeeded a couple of times, but after a while he got bored, since apparently it didn’t go fast enough for his liking.
‘But we can maybe work on that,’ he had said, drawing out all kinds of formulas together with Bruce.
You had no idea what they were talking about, even though you seemed to underst
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 11 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 11: Running Away
You were still staring at the screen, when it started to dawn on you that you were in trouble. You finally figured out what everything meant.
If S.H.I.E.L.D. had send agents after you, they must have had a plan for you. Maybe they wanted to do experiments on you, to find out how the super soldier serum, also used on Steve, worked properly. You started to panic as you thought about all the horrible things they could do to you. You couldn’t let that happen. You had to get out of here.
While you were slowly walking away unnoticed, Tony and Bruce were still discussing what they should do next. As you suspected they were only talking about the possibilities of you powers and not about you.
Steve was awfully quiet, you figured he didn’t agree with what they were saying, but he didn’t speak up either. He just stood there, staring at his feet, probably still trying to come up with something comforting to tell you.
You couldn
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 10 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 10: Killed in Action
'I don't understand,' you said, while Steve nodded at your words. 'What do you mean I'm like Steve.’
Bruce shook his head. 'You aren't only like him. You are better than him... God, you are scientifically perfect. Your cells have a much higher rate of regeneration than would even be possible. I figured the only way to prove it was to attempt to kill you,' he said.
Tony laughed. ‘Well, now we know why you turned yourself into an angry, green monster all those years ago. You don’t think about things twice.’
Bruce didn’t pay attention to Tony’s comment and continued his explanation, more excited than was good for him you imagined.
'If my theory was correct, which it was,’ he looked at Tony and Steve, ‘your cells would have regenerated at a much higher speed than that they were dying. In theory making it impossible for you to die.'
'In theory?' you said. 'So you weren't sure it would act
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 9 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 9: Hope
You heard the ticking of a clock. Tick – tick – tick . Sounds were slowly returning. You still felt Steve's warm hands on your chest, pressing against your breasts. You suddenly felt ashamed. What if he didn't like what he felt?
For a few seconds that thought circled your mind, until you realized what had just happened. The smell of your blood lingered in the lab.
Had Bruce really just shot you? And if he had... Why were you still alive?
Maybe it was because you had already heard their screams in your head and ducked just in time. Just as you had heard the cries of the children you saved from the collapsing building.
You tried to open your eyes, but your eyelids felt like bricks. Your whole body felt weird. As if it was not your own. The strange warmth you had felt before had now spread through your whole body, making you feel more alive than ever, even though you could not move.
'We have to take her downstairs,' you heard
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 8 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 8: The cold, hard floor
‘I have a theory,’ Bruce said, when all the tests were done and he had let Steve and Tony back in.
You had felt uncomfortable with Bruce touching you on all kinds of places no guy had ever touched you. He had even apologized for it and you had felt stupid.
Now that Steve and Tony were back, however, you could not help but feel relieved. The red blush started to disappear from your cheeks and your heart started to beat normally again.
‘Care to share it?’ Tony asked, after Bruce had stopped talking.
Bruce looked at you hesitantly, but then slowly nodded.
‘Okay,’ he said, while he walked over to the other side of the lab, searched in one of the drawers and then sighed.
‘I hope I’m right,’ he said. ‘God knows, I hope I’m right.’
A weird humming noise filled the room. It hurt your ears. Screams started to echo through your head.
Not again , you thought.
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 7 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 7: Headquarters
They took you through the big, mechanic doors. You found yourself in a great, open hall. People moved around like ants. You could see the workers walking from the elevators towards the other side of the hall, talking all the way. You felt uncomfortable in this building. It smelled like the inside of a new car, even though Tony had said it had been here for several years.
‘Where did Bruce say his lab was?’ Tony asked Steve, while he peered through the hall. ‘I keep forgetting were it is. He should have just accepted my offer to come work for me.’
‘Not everyone is as fond of you as Virginia,’ Steve said. ‘I think we need to go to the left.’
‘Well, what would you know about that…’ Tony replied. ‘All you do is stare at her like a lost puppy,’ Tony pointed at you. ‘It’s not the 1940’s anymore. Get over it.’
Steve didn’t respond to Ton
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Seeker of Truth - Chapter 6 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 6: The Silent Road
Nervously you kicked at the car seat in front of you. Tony and Steve had told you to stay in the car, while they went looking for Fury or someone else to talk to.
Steve thought it had been better for Pepper to stay home. Even though she knew most things, Fury didn’t like to see her near S.H.I.E.L.D. According to Tony Fury had never actually said anything about it, but it had been clear he wasn’t happy with her knowing. You figured it could be dangerous for anyone to know more than was necessary.
The thick air in the car seemed to suffocate you. You had never liked small spaces. You didn’t mind driving a car for an hour or so, but being locked in with no idea when someone would get back freaked you out for some reason.
You tried to look outside, but the windows were covered, making it impossible to see what was going on outside.
You could hear voices sometimes, but you could never make out what they were saying. You
:iconsavrom:savrom 100 23
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 5 (Reader x Avengers)
Seeker of Truth - Chapter 5: Who am I?
The first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was Tony's expensive table from France, but the glass was missing. You figured that must have happened during the attack. You heard voices in the distant and tried to focus your sight. You must have blacked out again. You guessed that happened a lot lately.
'What do you mean she saw it coming?' Tony’s voice echoed through the house. 'What is she a psychic?'
'I don't know,' you heard Steve say. 'She said that 'they' told her it was going to happen. Then she passed out into my arms.'
'How convenient,' Tony laughed.
'What do we do now?' Pepper said, her voice higher than normal. You could tell she had been crying.
'Oh, come on. You don't believe what he is saying are you? He just wants her to be different, like him.'
'What? No!' Steve said. 'Believe all you want, Tony, but I know what I saw. She told me to get out of the car befóre the building started collapsing.'
'Well maybe she
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This is absolutely amazing! I love how you put the map over another picture and how you blended it perfectly!! Honestly, the colors wor...

I'm not good at doing things like this but here it goes, I absolutely love this. The hair has more than one color in it, the tentacles ...


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I took this and the country meme from Chameleonist

A- Age:  

17, duuuude this is weird ;u;

B- Biggest Fear: 

Im gonna lose everyone because of my stupidity

C- Current Time: 

15:15 Mountain Time I believe

D- Drink you last had: 

Coke from Chilis xD

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Uhm... Chem and Miss Lucy, and some irl friends

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Uhm... Thats What I like by Bruno Mars, Swalla (simply because its catchy) uhm.... Hands Held High by Linkin Park

G- Ghosts, are they real:

Yea, i believe so

H- Hometown: 


I- In love with:


J- Jealous Of: 

A girl i shouldnt be jealous of, like legit look up the song Girl Crush, that describes me basically :/

K- Killed Someone?: 

xD you know there are moments where I think it might be my sister but thats just sibling rivalry xD

L- Last time you cried?:

hm.... a month ago over something kinda not stupid but im gonna pass off as stupid :/

M- Middle Name:  


N- Number of Siblings:

One younger sister

O- One Wish:  

That i really believe what im telling myself

P- Person who you last called:

My boyfriend last night

Q- Question you're always asked: 

Why were you named Crimson

R- Reason to smile: 

Because i have friends who support and love me for me and are always here for me

S- Song last sang: 

Swalla, or thats what i like... actually im singing Issues rn xD

T- Time you woke up: 


U- Underwear Color:  

mint green with black polka dots and lace <3 u <3

V- Vacation Destination: 

Take me back to Italy ;;;;;-;;;;;

W- Worst Habit: 

Uhm.... wow idk xD i got lots of those, maybe over reacting?

X- X-Rays you've had: 

Uhm when I sprained my ankle they had to see if it was a sprain or a break

Y- Your favorite food:

right now I think its Korean food called Bulgogi <3

Z- Zodiac Sign: 

Capricorn xD



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