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im just really fucking pissed off

idk where to fucking start honestly 
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yep... i did it-

and i fucking hate myself haha 

it happened a little over two weeks ago, so it's healed enough by now that I can actually attempt to walk on it. 

Apparently I'm walking funny tho so my foot might heal improperly fml so fucking much i shit you not

other than that I'm fine tho :P 
“Be safe.” He said before quickly kissing me then pulling away. I nodded and Jack put his hand on the door, his body stable and calm. I locked eyes with him for a few seconds before locking eyes with Dark.

“See you guys on the other side.” They nodded, right before Jack threw the door open.


I let the arrow loose as a zombie fell in. Jack launched over the dead carcass and ran out, Dark following instantly behind him. Mark casted me a short glance before bounding out and I raced after, the backdoor shattering open as I did so. Grabbing the handle of the door I slammed it close, crushing the zombie in it.

“RUN!” Jack shouted, and I spun around racing after everyone else. Jack had already reached the tree line before stumbling back. I felt sick to my stomach again as I ran up beside Mark and Dark, body trembling. Jack raced back to us, panting.

“They’re everywhere! Fooking hell!” He snapped, and I took a deep breath.

“Come on! We can pave a path to the forest and loose them there!” I shouted, and I spun around, slamming an arrow into the eye of a zombie. The zombie fell and I ripped the arrow back out, letting it loose into another zombie’s face.

“But we all can’t focus on one side! There are too many!” Mark shouted, and my heart echoed his words. No one responded and my thoughts race for an answer as I kept letting loose arrow after arrow. Slowly, ever so slowly I was able to piece together a plan. I thought it through twice. No one would like what I was about to say.

Especially not Mark.

“I think I have something! Jack, you start hacking your way to the forest. Dark follow after him, Mark follow Dark, and I’ll try to take up the rear! If we create a line we should be able to have them surround us, so instead of being in a circle where more can get us we’re in a straight line.” I said, and I instantly heard Mark let out a growl.

“You’re not staying behind (Y/n)! I know what that try to take up the rear was! You’re coming with!” Mark shouted, and Jack started speaking as soon as he was done.

“I can’t do it! There’s too many (Y/n)!” As he was speaking I could hear us being pushed closer together, shoulder to shoulder.

“They didn't find us on their own… someone led them here.” I suddenly said, looking around at all the zombies before pulling out my machete, swinging out with it and my bow.


“Wade! He had this planned out! Damn that sleezy devil! He planned out everything!!” Jack cursed, and I swallowed my tears.

“Guys!” I cried out, feeling the sobs bubble up in my chest.



“Eh!” I slammed my machete into another zombie, scooting them back slightly.

“I love all you guys- even though I barely know two of you! Thank you Dark! For helping me! A-and Jack! For your jacket!” Mark started cursing.

“We’re not gonna die (Y/n)!” Mark shouted, and I let a small laugh bubble out of my lips, tears blurring my vision.

“Mark! I love you! So so much! I had been hoping that this would've ended! And that we would’ve gotten married! Maybe have a child or two! You know! The girly dreams.” I choked out, and the others were silent as we hacked away at the zombies.

“You know! I wanted those too. I wanted to buy you a very elegant ring, and give you a home like no other! I wanted to raise a child or two! Maybe three! Protect my baby girl from her boyfriends.” Mark responded, and by now I was crying so hard that I could barely fight.

“Can’t we still get that?” Jack shouted, and I laughed, focusing an arrow and letting it fly.

“You sure can Shamrock. Dark, Shamrock. I have a plan to get you two out. Do you trust me?”


“We can’t just-“

“Do you trust me!” You screamed, letting another arrow go. You had three arrows left, perfect.


“Yes.” They both said sullenly.

“Good. Mark! Please tell me you have your bag on you.” There was a grunt and I heard him slam his machete into a zombie’s head, the sound of decayed bones crushing.

“Yes.” I nodded and my eyes darted around.

“You three protect me real quick, I need to dig around in his bag.” I slipped back into the three, and they instantly formed a protective triangle around me, hacking and slashing like there was no tomorrow. I put the bow in my mouth and quickly dug through his bag.

Every second counts.

My fingers brushed up against the plastic/metal object and I ripped it out of the bag, smiling proudly.

“Alright! You two ready!” I asked, pulling out the pin but keeping the handle pressed down. My bow was transferred to my left hand.

“Yes. And (Y/n)?” Jack said.


“If i survive this apocalypse, I’m gonna build a game in your memory, a monument, anything I can get ma hands on!” Jack said and the tears renewed themselves.

“O-Of course.” I choked out, wiping my eyes with my left hand.

“Hey! Don’t forget me.” Dark said, and I let out a small sob. He took it as a sign to speak.

“Don’t doubt Mark, okay? He truly does love you… I can see why. You’re smart and amazing, and strong not to mention. Will you keep an eye over me, and over Jack?” I was pretty sure I was sobbing so hard that the grenade fell out of my hand.

“A-always.” I whispered, and that seemed to be more than enough for Dark. I turned, facing the forest, and threw the grenade, landing it in the midst of the zombies. It took a few seconds but it exploded, leaving my ears ringing. Zombies collapsed and were stunned from the blast, allowing all the time the duo needed.

“Don’t forget me!” I cried out, and at the last possible second Dark brushed his lips against my before darting off, Jack right next to him. I smiled at the sight. They did seem to be the faster of us four.

“(Y/n).” Mark’s voice was soft and I spun around, grabbing his shoulders and staring into his eyes. The zombies were starting to wear off the stun now.

“I love you baby. So much.” I whispered, my hands moving up to his face. He smiled.

“I never doubted it.” He whispered, his own tears falling down his face. We both smiled and leaned towards each other.

“See you on the other side.” We whispered at the same time, our breaths mingling. I closed my eyes, closing the gap between us.

The last thing I remembered was the feeling of satin pressed against my lips, and for a moment I was sure that nothing would ever disturb us, ever.

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The boys had fought most things out, and a few hours later here I was sitting in Jack’s jacket, bow resting across my lap as the quiver leaned against my left leg. I was leaned up against a tree, the sleeping trio a few feet away.

In all honesty, I just want to get back home. Into my bed- back to how things used to be. I don’t want Dark here. Nor Jack honestly, I just want it to be me and Mark again.  I leaned my head back against the tree and breathed in the crisp cold air. My breath created little smoke clouds as I burrowed further into the jacket. It smelt like dirt with a hint of cologne- in which I had no idea where he had gotten it- but it smelled nice. My eyes skimmed around the forest, the grey dusk settling over the dying forest.

All was silent as I sat in the cold. The wind would blow softly, spreading the bitter cold air around  and making me feel even worse. Mark shifted in his sleep and my eyes instantly locked onto his form, half hoping he would wake.

He did.

Mark slowly sat up, then with a sudden fever looked around for me.

“I didn’t run away.” I said, and I flinched at my tone. It was raw- it sounded like I had been crying. Mark turned to look at me and quietly pushed himself up, crushing dead leaves as he weaved past the duo towards me. He sat besides me, taking my quiver and bow.

“I’ll take over.” He whispered softly, and my heart strings felt like they were being tugged. I shook my head stiffly, standing to stretch.

“Just go to sleep Mark. I’ve got it.” I heard his weight shift as he stood up behind me, the sound of something falling into the dirt. I turned and casted a soft glare at him.

“Be careful of the bow.” I muttered, right before my face was smushed into his chest. His shoulders were trembling and I heard him heave a soft sob before he started crying softly. My arms placed themselves around his waist and my right hand reached up, stroking the back of his head as he cried into my shoulder.

“I was so afraid I had lost you.” He whispered, and it felt like someone was squeezing my heart. It hurt to breathe and I took in a shaky breath, softly cooing.

“I-I know Mark. I know sweetheart, it’s okay. We’re safe now.” I choked out, feeling my own tears fall down my face. We stood like that for god knows how long. The sun had started to rise, our own tears done falling, leaving streaks on our face. We just held each other, breathing the other person in and cherishing the warmth and shape of their body.

“We need to wake the others.” I whispered, pulling him closer and holding him tighter. He pulled away from the hug, his hands still around my waist. I moved my hands up to his shoulders, and for a few seconds we just stared at each other, before leaning towards the other person. Our lips landed and I slightly smiled, feeling happy. I was in Mark’s arms again. He pulled away and chuckled.

“Seems I still haven’t lost my touch.” He said, and I turned red- sticking my tongue out at him before pulling away.

“Fuck off Mark.” I said jokingly, feeling content rest in my heart. I walked away and walked up to Jack, crouching down beside him. I blinked as I remembered I was wearing his jacket. I smiled before waking him up, my hand resting on his shoulder as I shook it. Jack jerked slightly, eyes opening in a flash as he took in his surroundings.

“Morning shamrock. It’s time to go.” I said before walking around him, reaching Dark. He was snoring softly and I crouched down, before sitting on my knees. He laid on his back, which allowed me to look at his injured arm. I pulled my pocket knife out of my pocket before gently cutting a strand of the bandage, unwrapping the rest. The cut wasn’t infected, in fact, it had healed up most of the way. I faintly frowned before shaking Dark. He didn’t wake. I shook him harder and he still didn’t wake.

“Is he dead?” Jack asked, him and Mark both looking over my shoulder down at him.

“No. His chest is moving… I don’t know what happened to him before he came across me… I’ll carry him.” I said, and before anyone could say anything I swooped my arms under his legs and one under his back before standing. I frowned deeply.

“He’s so light.” My voice laced with worry. Jack and Mark looked to each other before shrugging, Mark leaning down to pick up my bow and arrows, slipping the quiver onto his back.

“Let’s just head home, I want to sleep in my bed again.” Mark said, and I smiled, looking over to Jack.

“Look’s like you’re apart of the family Shamrock, congratulations.” I said before we started our walk, Mark leading the way. There was idle chatter between the duo. Mostly of their time playing video games before everything had happened.

“The most ironic part is!” Jack exclaimed, and I faintly smiled, staring at the ground slightly as I walked.

“The last! Video game I played, was The Last of Us.” Jack stated, and I snickered softly. Mark continued the conversation and their voices faded to the background as I stared at Dark. He looked exactly like Mark as he slept, and it disturbed me. I looked up, and I noticed our house in the distance. I broadly smiled, and without a second thought I raced past Mark, ducking and weaving between the trees and their branches.

“(Y/n)!” Mark called out, but I ignored him, bursting out from the tree line and into the open. The sun was not high in the sky, which told me it was probably somewhere around nine or ten. I kept racing, being careful to not jostle Dark too much, and reached the porch. I was out of breath and panting, sweating dripping off my forehead.

“Home.” I whispered before leaning my shoulder against the door, straining to reach the handle. The door flew open from my weight and I stumbled in, nearly falling on my face. Nothing had changed. I let out a small woo of joy before heading up the stairs, hearing Mark and Jack enter the house, panting. The door downstairs closed and I walked past my room and to the guest room, gently placing Dark on the bed. After checking his pulse I left, closing the door softly. It shut with a groan and I headed back downstairs. Mark and Jack were sitting at the table, drinking water. My eyes looked around and then I noticed the broken chair.

“What… uh- what happened to the chair?” I asked, pointing to the broken object. Mark looked down sheepishly at the ground.

“I- uh had gotten back after you were taken… and after finding only two clues as to hat had happened I sort of broke a chair in anger.” He clarified, and after a few moments of silence me and Jack laughed, muffling our laughter in our hands. The smell of cologne was pressed against my nose and I realized that I was still wearing Jack’s jacket.

“Uh Jack. Here.” I said, slipping the blue warmer off my shoulders and holding it out to him. He stared at it for a few moments before taking it, placing it on the table beside him. I sat in the third chair, casting a pitiful glance at the fourth chair, before focusing back on the table.

“We’re back, but now what if they want to come after us again.” I stated, not even bother to ask.

“We need to move. We can’t stay here.” I said, and Mark seemed hesitant.

“Not so hasty (Y/n). I mean, we can stay at least a few days. Then we can go. They won’t come after us right away…” He didn’t say it but we were all thinking it.

I hope. The words, despite not being spoken, rang through the air. As the tension filled the room i felt my muscles growing rigid as I grew tired. I hadn’t slept at all last night, and the day before I had been kidnapped, which had added a lot of stress. My shoulders sagged as I let out a soft sigh, leaning forward and resting my head on my arms, which rested on the table.

“Get some rest babe, you’re tired and honestly after all that has happened you could use it.” Mark said, and I shook my head, taking a deep breath.

“If I fall asleep here then so be it. I will. But I’m not going upstairs.” I said, mumbling into my arm. Mark chuckled, reaching across the table and patting my head.

“Fine. Anyways Jack-“ I tuned out on their conversation, already drifting off to sleep listening to the duo talk. I drifted off as they talked about a game called “Presentable Liberty” whatever that game was.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep but when I woke up to feet pounding down the stairs, I jumped up, spinning and slamming my foot into the back of the chair. Sending the fragile object straight into someone.

“SHIT!” Dark cried out, stumbling on the last step. His foot landed on the ground and the chair crashed into his leg, causing him to cry out and fall to the ground.

“Sorry! I-I… You scared me.” I stated, leaning heavily against the table. A dark feeling had settled itself in my gut, and I tried to ignore it, watching Jack and Mark help out Dark.

“It’s okay. I guess I deserve that when I come raging down the stairs like that…” He said, groaning softly as he rubbed his bruised shin.

“Just hurts to walk is all.” He stated, and I looked at the ground, his voice fading away as I felt the bad feeling in my gut again. My face noticeably paled, and I leaned even heavier against the table, arms growing weak.

“(Y/n)! You okay!” Mark rushed forward, catching me as I fell off the table.

“S-something’s wrong! Oh god, I think I’m going to throw up.” I groaned softly, cupping a hand over my mouth in warning. Mark led me to the sink and stood behind me, pulling my hair back as I threw up in the sink.

“What’s wrong (Y/n)?” There was a pounding on the back door as I was wiping my mouth, turning the sink on and washing my vomit down the drain. I wiped off my mouth as the banging became louder and louder, moans and groans in harmony with the sound.

That’s why I felt the bad feelings in my gut. There are zombies at our door. Mark and Jack had froze, and I pushed away from the sink, stumbling to the table where my bow rested.

“Mark my quiver.” I said as Dark raced back upstairs for his weapons and items. Jack pulled a machete off his waist, which I hadn’t noticed before, and Mark pulled the quiver off, holding it out to me. I snagged it away and put it on my back, pulling out an arrow and aiming it at the back door.

“Hurry up! We might have to dash out the front! Dark! Let’s go!” I shouted, not even bothering to try and hide ourselves from the horde in the back. The door groaned and the windows were smashed open, sending glass flying to the floor. I didn’t fire yet, considering the zombies weren’t inside, but my arms were trembling from the strain. Dark came flying down the stairs.

“The second someone opens that door run! Head straight to the forest!” I shouted, muscles crying out. They all responded and Mark wrapped an arm around my waist, stealing my attention from the zombies.

“Be safe.” He said before quickly kissing me then pulling away. I nodded and Jack put his hand on the door, his body stable and calm. I locked eyes with him for a few seconds before locking eyes with Dark.

“See you guys on the other side.” They nodded, right before Jack threw the door open.
ah ha ha ha ha ha 


an art piece






wow like ahahahhahahaha fuck me 
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im just really fucking pissed off

idk where to fucking start honestly 


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