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This is absolutely amazing! I love how you put the map over another picture and how you blended it perfectly!! Honestly, the colors wor...

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I'm not good at doing things like this but here it goes, I absolutely love this. The hair has more than one color in it, the tentacles ...


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Tagged by Chameleonist 

BLANK Character Meme

"I want to stalk know more about people's characters, so I decided to make a meme in which nobody will actually do and I'll be sadly disappointed. Mind me if I don't use proper grammar. In the summer I'm always 75% asleep.
    First of all, pick five of your OC's. If you do not have at least five OC's, clearly you have more of a life than this person who has like thirty characters minimum per fandom you can fill in the extra spots with characters you like (ex: Keroro, Pikachu, Russia, Sonic, Simba, etc idk you pick geez )."

1. Crimson
2. Scarlet
3. Lilac
4. (and to throw in a brand new oc that is still in the making :P) Batty!!
5. Zahara

   " There are three different types of questions I'll have in this meme.
      Scenario Games- I'll give a scenario and you'll write the reactions
      Most Likely to- Pick which character would be most likely to do whatever it is I ask (and why if you want)
      Ratings-On a 1-10 basis. 1 being least, and 10 being most.

    Okay that was boring. Onto the questions."

1. OC2 is cuddle-attacked by mini fluffy unicorns. Would OC4 or OC3 be more likely to help her? Or would OC2 have to fend for herself.
Scarlet: ...
Lilac: Oh my!! Well, Scarlet, I must be-uh, heading out to snowboard, bye! *runs away*
Batty: ...
Scarlet: ... this must of happened because I'm an elf...

2. If OC1 got OC5 drunk, what would happen? (A charcter meme with a drunken-related question; how original)
Crimson: *is crying* a-and I just! I'm so sick- a-and tired- o-of loving people!
Zahara: Shhh, it's okay, I don't like seeing this cloud of black and purple around you, just let it all out *words are slightly slurred*
Crimson: A-and m-my heart c-c-can't t-take it a-anymore!!
Zahara: *thinks* I never did get drunk... I just acted, I guess this is Karma's way of getting me back....

3.  OC3 is kidnapped by OC5! Would they be able to escape?
Lilac: ...
Zahara: ....
Lilac: We both know how this ends-
Zahara: With me winning-
Lilac: *cuts her off* You wish bitch
Zahara: Let's go wolf girl!
Lilac: Oh it's on Loli shit! *is stuck in ropes still*

4. OC4 steals something from OC3. What would they steal and would OC3 be able to get it back?
Lilac: You fucking bitch! Hand it the fuck over now or i'll have my wolves peel your bones from your dead carcass!
Batty: *trembling and curled into a ball, nearly about to cry.*
Lilac: Hand. it. over.
Batty: *throws teddy bear far away* T-there! I-I let it go!

5. One of the mini fluffy unicorns from earlier comes back. Would OC1 keep it as a pet?
Crimson: ... I have two main coons and a bull mastiff I can't afford this! Like seriously! What the fuck do they even eat!!!

6. Most likely to trip down the stairs?
Crimson, or Batty....

7. Most likely to kill a spider/bug/small rodent by means of excessive violence? (ex killing a fly with a gun or knife)
Crimson.... definitely.

8. Most likely to slap someone with a slice of pizza?
...Crimson or Lilac....

9. Most likely to be 'forever alone'?
Zahara or Lilac!!

10. Most likely to learn a new language?
Crimson or Scarlet :P

11. Rate who is most booksmart; 1 is can't read dirt, 10 is super-mega-genius. 
Crimson: 10 - when she was younger she'd get in trouble at school for reading.
Scarlet: 10 - she's like, 400 years old or something... idk but she used to spend her life reading-
Batty: 10 - all she did was read :P
Lilac: 5 - she prefers to snowboard, a lot.
Zahara: 6

12. Rate who is most streetsmart; 1 is you get your wallet stolen every time you go outside, 10 is you is a gangsta thug.
Crimson:7 "I'm not bad with streetsmarts, but sometimes I panic and screw shit up.... sorry....
Scarlet: 9. Streetsmart is all I am, I used to live on the street before I finally got money for an apartment...
Batty: 5! Oh goodness! I can't deal with the streets, I much prefer the quiet in my room or at my school.
Lilac: 7... eh, i grew up in a forest with wolves... I'm not that much into hanging out on the streets... usually i'm in the moutains.
Zahara: 8, eh.... I just-- I use my power of emotion to get around...

13. Rate who is dominant/submissive; 1 is total uke, 10 is unquestionably seme. (Feel free to skip this question if you'd rather not answer)
(Me: if you're using the terms seme and uke, I'm assuming you mean this in a sexual way)

Crimson: 3- she may be dominant in everything else but its different in the room ;)
Scarlet: 5- though, she's only had sex twice and that was with a man who is... no longer with us.
Lilac: 7
Batty: 1 - completely, and totally (she's still clean as well :P)
Zahara: She prefered I didn't say anything about her preferences (though if I remember correctly she's a *hear crashing sounds and groaning*

14. Rate who is cleanliest; 1 is I live and breath filth, 10 is MUST DISINFECT EVERYTHING.
Crimson: 7
Lilac: 9 - she doesn't have to clean much cause she's like, rarely ever home.
Zahara: 6
Batty: 10
Scarlet: 6

15. Rate who liked/disliked this meme most; 1 you hated it with a passion, 10 you loved it more than necessary (you can include yourself in this one X3 ).
Crimson: 8
Zahara: 2
Lilac: 4
Batty: 7 - I liked it actually, it helps when you have nothing to hide *pointed glare at everyone else.*
Scarlet: 5
Me: Alright! Let's not start a fight Batty! *Nervous chuckle*
Scarlet: Oh yea? I don't have anything to hide I just have other things to do with my time!
Zahara: Listen up bitch! Whether or not i have something to hide doesn't mean shit!
Batty: Cleary, it affected how you responded to the questions.
Zahara: Alright Bitch! Listen the fu-

16. Anything else to add before the tags? (Hey it was only 16 questions, you can't complain too much.)
ugggghhhh tagss???
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