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Mark x Reader


You were busy cleaning off your machete, taking the now dirty rag and pressed hard against your blade, cleaning it slowly. When you were finished the weapon gleamed and you could see your reflection in it. You winked at yourself.

“Really, winking at yourself again?” A gruff voice asked and you turned rosy, sticking your tongue out at your partner, the one and only Youtuber, Markiplier.

“You’re just jealous that I can clean my weapon properly and that I can keep my cool no matter what situation!” You bragged, and he laughed, leaning back in the wooden chair he was in. You smiled and shook your head, putting your machete back in its sheath. You leaned back in your chair, looking out the kitchen window. You two had found a small cabin, abandoned in the rush of the apocalypse, and decided to take it for yourselves. Oh yea,

The zombie apocalypse started.

It has been going on for two years now, and you were lucky to bump into Mark when you had, otherwise…. Well I think we’d all know what would’ve happened when you get surrounded…  


You had been relaxing for a few minutes, in an open area, but you had your weapon at ready, and you were ready to run at any second. It was silent, dead silent, a silent that made ones senses over react, and made some get paranoid. You were sipping out of a water bottle you had just recovered when you heard one groan… then two, then five, and by now you were busy closing up your bottle, racing against time. By the time you had your bow pulled out the horde was moving its way down the street…. Straight towards you.

“Shit!” You cured and threw your bow into your sheath, the sound of the sheath clicked as the bow locked into its spot (a creation you made yourself.) and you pulled out your machete, starting down a side street. You wish you were in a town you knew, but as fate had it, you were not. Which meant that anything could happen… like running into a dead end.

“Fuck.” You growled, looking for a way up to the roofs, you had hoped that the zombies wouldn’t find you… but that was highly unlikely. Why was this alley so clean!? Despite the situation you found yourself rather annoyed by that fact, and found yourself growling at how clean it was.

“That doesn’t matter! You need to protect yourself!” You muttered to yourself, spinning around. Just in time too, a silent one had been about to take your life. You swung out, embedding your blade in its skull. It fell to the ground and you pressed your boot against its chest and pulled your blade out, flicking your wrist and flicking some of the gore off and onto the asphalt. More started coming around the corner, and you realized that it was narrower where they were coming in, and darted forward, pulling out a small dagger and slamming it through one zombies skull, slamming your machete into the one on your right. With a grunt you pulled your blade out of its skull, leaving your dagger behind and using both hands to decapitate another one. You had screwed up, and were now going to pay the price, you hadn’t been here to defend the section, and it was starting to show.

“Come on! If I have to kill you all to leave I will!” You hissed, taking a few steps back and pulling out a small shruiken, and you chucked it forward, nailing one right between the eyes. A zombie groaned and reached up to you, its nails almost breaking your skin on your shoulder. You let out a small cry, slamming your machete into it faster than you thought possible… sadly with speed came uncontrollable strength… shit.

“No, not now!” You snarled, your arms buckling as you tried to pull out the machete. You pulled it out, swinging it around and decapitating another zombie. You found yourself pressed against the wall, no way out. With a small scream you lashed out, tears pooling in your (e/c) eyes. Your machete connected with something and you felt hands on your collar, and then you were being dragged up the wall. You let out a small scream of fear, your eyes flying open just to see what the hell was happening. You were above the zombies and they were pushing themselves against the brick wall, reaching up towards you.

“H-holy shit!” You cried, looking up. There were several men, but the one that stuck out to you was a man who looked taller than you, and he was definitely stronger than you.

“You’re safe.” He said, and his voice was gruff, but smooth. A voice you would listen to hours on end, even if he talked about math. You were sat on the wall, and you scrambled back, machete falling to the rooftop with a clink. Your chest moved as you let out a sob of happiness, and you pulled your shirt up, covering your mouth and nose while you leaned forward.


“Give her a moment, I think she’ll be trying to process what had just happened.” The same voice from earlier said and you rocked back and forth, your sobs eventually quieting down to small cries.

“H-holy crap. I’m a-actually alive, a-and I’m breathing, and living.” You hugged yourself tighter, smiling as you wiped your tears on your shoulder.  

“You want some water?” A softer voice asked, and you looked up, looking over to you right, a sort of short man crouched down beside you, his beard just coming in and his hair short. You nodded and took the water, gently opening it and before taking a sip you used the bottom of your shirt to wipe away your tears. You took a big swig of the water, sloshing it around before swallowing it.

“Thank you guys, s-so much. I thought I was a goner.” You said, your voice starting to become even enough for you to speak properly.

“We heard you and quickly came over here, we were worried we wouldn’t get to you in time.” The same gruff voice from earlier said and you looked up at him, staring into his chocolate brown eyes that were shielded with glasses.

“I’m (Y/n).” You said, slowly standing up and dusting yourself off, before reaching out to shake his hand.

“Mark.” He said, shaking your hand.

Flashback Ended

You looked over at Mark.

“I’m heading to bed, the suns setting so night time is coming around.” You said and he nodded, watching you stand and walk away, sheathed machete in hand. You strolled up the stairs and stepped into your room, taking a deep breath. Every night you tried to sleep resulted in nightmares…. And honestly you were terrified to go to sleep, but you had to try, right?

“Come on (Y/n), you can do it.” You gave yourself a small pep talk and placed your machete gently on your nightstand. You changed into your PJ’s, which looked a lot like your normal clothes (for emergencies, on the go runs and such) and slipped into the soft covers, eyes drooping with exhaustion. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath through your nose, started to drift off into dreamland.


It was silent for a few hours, and he rested in the same chair he had sat in earlier, his elbows resting on the table. He wondered how you even got any sleep, considering with all that had happened, and he was jealous. You managed to get some sleep, while he stayed up at night, mulling through his thoughts.

“Maybe I should-“ He was cut off as he heard a small whimper, and his head whipped towards your room. Was someone there? He jumped up, his hand grabbing his dagger as he made his way to your room, you hadn’t made any other noise, so probably not, but it helped to be cautious, and he did just that, creeping towards your room.

“N-no!” You let out another whimper and Mark carefully pushed your door open, and he instantly noticed you on your bed, shifting and turning under the covers. Tears streamed down your cheeks and he scrambled in, placing his dagger on the nightstand, beside your machete, and he gently grabbed you.

“(Y/n)! Wake up!” He said gently, considering if you screamed you might attract some unwanted attention. Walkers lived in the forest, and considering you did live to far from the forest… He gently shook you and you let out a small groan, head lolling to the side.

“(Y/n)!” He hissed, shaking you again.

“Wake up!” He said and you let out another whimper, and he felt his heart pound. Someone or something was hurting you in your dreams.

“(Y/n)!” He hissed again, and you jerked awake, nearly slamming your forehead into his nose. You let out a small yelp as you pulled away from him, then realized who it was, and relaxed.

“M-Mark.” You choked out, and you looked terrified beyond words he could find to explain how you looked. Tears streamed down your face as you pulled him into a hug, your head resting against his chest and your arms clutching him close to you. He carefully maneuvered himself so he was sitting and held you close, not saying anything, just holding you close.

‘She doesn’t get sleep, she has nightmare after nightmare, and that’s worse than not getting any sleep.’ He thought to himself, quietly chiding himself for thinking you actually could get some sleep. He ran a hand through your hair, staying silent as you tried to collect yourself. He didn’t know how long you two stayed like that, but when he heard a soft sigh from you, he looked down to find you asleep.

‘Maybe all she needed was someone to comfort her.’ He thought, letting out a soft sigh as he gently laid you down. Your (h/c) fell against the pillows and he stared openly, although feeling quite ashamed, but he was curious. Never before had he really looked closely at you, examined your features much like you had once before, and while he was awake to! He let out a soft chuckle at the memory.

Another Flashback… sorry

Mark was currently sitting across from you, they had just saved your life… again and you were currently being silently scolded for putting your life on the line.

“It’s not the first time I’ve done it!” You snarled, standing up and slamming your hands on the table. Your fingers splayed over the cool metal surface, the chair behind you totally forgotten.

“Obviously! You definitely know how to put your life on the line though! And doing that puts ours on the line!” Mark said back, not sounding so much as angry as he was upset. You let out another snarl, fingers curling into your palms, your eyes fixated on his face.

“Listen here pretty boy if you don’t want to save me then don’t! I can take care of myself! I had something planned, but nooo you and your buddies came in there, screwed shit up, and I was nearly killed anyways!” You hissed, leaning towards Mark. He was sitting in the metallic chair, one leg propped on his knee, his hands resting in his lap. His leg swung down and he stood, placing one hand on the table. It seemed more intense than placing two on the table. A chill ran down your spine and you took a deep breath through your nose, closing your eyes.

“And if you have a problem with me going out to try and figure out what the hell I need to do, I’m afraid we have a very large problem.” You huffed, and he just stood there. Silence filled the air and you found yourself shrinking back slowly. He was tall, his broad shoulders didn’t help much, and because of the apocalypse starting he wasn’t clean shaven, he had a beard and a mustache, and he just seemed… bigger than you. His presence towered and you found yourself sitting in the chair, shoulders slumped as your face rested in your hands.

“I can see why your buddies would send you and not someone else.” You whispered, your fingers moving to seek cover in your hair. He didn’t say anything but sat back down. You looked up at him, removing your hands from your hair and placing them in your lap, you stared hard at his face. Your eyes searched his chocolate brow eyes, and slowly they traveled to his cheeks, down his jaw line, back up on the other side, your eyes traveling across his hairline, down the flecks of hair that hung in his face, and your eyes found their way back to his eyes.

“Finished examining me yet?” He asked softly, and you shook your head, eyes traveling down the bridge of his nose to his lips. They traced over his cupids bow and you nibbled on the inside of your cheek. Your eyes darted back up to Mark. This wasn’t the youtuber you had watched videos of once or twice, no wonder you didn’t recognize him the first time you saw him. Just the few months of the apocalypse had harden him into someone else. He had broad shoulders that held up a strong face, his eyes were hard, and his jaw was very prominent and, despite the situation, you wondered just what his lips felt like.

“Finished.” You stated plainly, and he stood up.

“Don’t pull that stunt again, you hear me? We risked a lot getting you out, and just to keep this police station secure took a lot.” He said softly, and you looked to the mirror, knowing it was the one-way glass.

“No promises.” You said coldly, and you looked over at Mark, the same cold look melting just the slightest. He let out another small sigh and walked up to the door.

“Dinner is not for a while, I suggest you busy yourself with helping out around.” He said and when he looked back at you, you saw the glint of his glasses, making him, in that moment, seems like a very dangerous man.

End of Flashback

He shook his head, realizing he hadn’t been examining her, and looked over at her, using the moonlight to look at her. She had soft cheekbones, that accompanied a rather prominent jaw-line, harden from the two years of the apocalypse, and when her eyes were open beautiful (e/c) gems sat in the eye sockets, putting all gems everywhere to shame. Her eyes were always soft, even when she was angry, and her eyebrows sat above her eyes like a crown on a queens head, just right. Her (H//c) hair would usually drape itself across her shoulders and down her back, but right now it rested on her pillow like a curtain of (h/c).

“N-no.” She whispered weakly and he blinked, reaching forward, then hesitating.

‘She needs the nights sleep.’ He thought to himself, before resting his calloused hand gently on her cheek. His thumb ran across her jaw-line and eventually he ran his knuckles down her cheek, his thumb brushing lightly over her lip. She let out a soft sigh, relaxing once again. He pulled his hand away and resumed his looking. She had lost a lot of weight, mostly water fat and bad fat, from when he had first met her. In a sense some could call her unhealthy, but she ate every meal like there was no tomorrow, and made sure that she was healthy.

“’It’s like god just handed us a goddess and expected us to know what to do with her.’” He murmured, remembering how Wade had described her when he had first met her. He shook his head and carefully moved to the other side of the bed, sitting on the pillow and leaning his head and back against the wall.

“I’m here (F/n), I’m here.” He said softly and almost as if in response you turned towards him, mumbling something he didn’t catch. He smiled faintly as your face scrunched up the slightest, crinkling the spot between your nose and eyebrows. He drifted off watching you sleep, one hand softly running through your before opting to just rest on your head. He wouldn’t let the nightmares bother you anymore.
Mark x Reader Nightmares

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