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This is absolutely amazing! I love how you put the map over another picture and how you blended it perfectly!! Honestly, the colors wor...

Lilith by Isra2007

I'm not good at doing things like this but here it goes, I absolutely love this. The hair has more than one color in it, the tentacles ...


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Stop someone from committing suicide... 
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I guess i'm back for now...

and with that note, i'm selling some characters of mine!!

I have way


way too many and i don't use them all and it's horrible cause they aren't getting enough love ;u;

The characters i'm selling:

1. Tsumbito: SOLD
Tsumibito by Bleached-Angel
 Yes, i'm finally selling her, I believe PrincessSkyler  wanted her, and if she still does, you royal subjects can't have her!!

2. Lilac:
Lilac by Bleached-Angel
Honestly, i won't have you pay points for her, first come first served, she's actually a wonderful character so please guys, use her to your insane hearts desire... //sh's suppose to be a yandere-ish sort of character btw//

3. Willow: SOLD
Willow by Bleached-Angel
Ikr, what!!!??? well, same as Lilac, first come first served...

4. My dragon i never named:
dragon by Bleached-Angel
cause who doesn't love a dragon!! He'll be roughly 5-10 points...

5. Wahnsinn:
Wahnsinn by Bleached-Angel
I'm actually selling her... yes ik, but she's 15 points, well 10-15 points. ... i like her.

6. Sepris:
Sepris by Bleached-Angel
I never actually used Sepris but in the right hands Sepris would be AMAZING!!! She really has a lot of potential i just couldn't use, and information can be changed, she can be used for anything, but her design has to stay relatively the same, and she has to stay a she...  7 points.

7. Spris:
Spris by Bleached-Angel
Sepris's mate is being sold too... they're both great characters, and i've never used them, so you are left creating the back story. ^-^ 7 points.

8. Hazard:
Hazard by Bleached-Angel
Hazard as well has a lot of potential, again, in the right hands!! You can change backstory/history/weaknesses/likes/dislikes just keep the name please, that's not too much to ask. 5 points.

9. Moonlight:
Moonlight by Bleached-Angel
There isn't a lot to say for her, i can't do much with her anymore and i do hope she finds someone good. 5 points.


Guys really, i wanna find homes for these people, even if you aren't super interested tell someone who you think might be, please.


and it's okay to be back.

Until next time my Royal Subjects.

//i wanna change my username to Crimson-Queen...//
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is anyone on? please

i just dont want to cry myself to sleep
  • Listening to: my teach be coolio man
  • Reading: FaNfIcTiOn
  • Watching: My Biology teacher be amazing 0u0
  • Eating: NoThInG
  • Drinking: nOtHiNg
 - - Mark - -
           He was walking carefully through the forest, knowing that Wade would’ve gone underground, considering he use to always talk with Mark about it after they finished recording videos.

           “Shouldn’t have blown him off like that. If I had listened I would already be there, saving her.” He grumbled quietly, machete out in hand, in case he came across anything. He let out a small sigh through his nose before carefully sweeping his foot across the ground in front of him then walking. Dead leaves crunched under his feet, and once in a while twigs would join the small chorus.

           “She always was better at this… help’s that she’s smaller… quicker, more agile-“ He started to list off everything about you, smiling slightly at what he was saying.

           “If she heard me now-“ He was cut off by a chuckle. One that was familiar. He stopped.

           “Yea, if she heard you now she’d think you’re adorably sappy. Do you know she’s underneath ground right now, bawling her eyes out and screaming for help while you’re up here screwing around.” He turned around, and there stood Sean, or Jack, in the bone and flesh.

           “Jack… a-are you with Wade?” He asked cautiously, his blade ready for any attacks.

           “Bloody hell no! I didn’t join him only to kidnap girls! That’s insane! Come on Mark, I’ll show you where she is, we have to hurry, Wade might have something bad planned for her.” His Irish accent was thick as he spoke, and he waved Mark the way Mark had just came from, and Mark gritted his teeth.

           “I’m sorry, but how do I know you’re not lying?” Mark asked, and Jack paused and nodded, understanding exactly the position Mark was in.

           “I’m close with Wade, yes, I can understand why’d you’d be afraid to trust me, but Mark, your girl is on the line, I have no idea what Wade plans to do with her, but Wade’s lost his god damn mind, I don’t want to be with him anymore. Before he wouldn’t have done this!” Jack cried out, and Mark paused. The way he said ‘your girl’ made Mark nod, made him agree.

           “Fine, lead the way.” Mark said, and Jack sighed gratefully.

           “Thank ya, I was worried you’d still disagree. Come on! Like I said earlier, we need ta be quick!” Jack started back the way Mark had come, and Mark followed, heart pounding at the thought of you crying and screaming below.

           - - You - -

           You stared at Mark, blinking slowly. You tugged on your bonds, and he scrambled forward, untying the gag behind your head and removing the cloth that was keeping the rag in your mouth. You turned your head away from him and spat it out, gagging and nearly throwing up.

           “Just a little bit more, please wait.” He said, and you looked back over at him to see him untying the rest of your bonds. You sat up slowly, groaning softly and Mark helped you up, one hand around your waist as the other arm went around your legs.

           “You can still use your bow and arrows while in my arms right? Cause I’m worried that’s what you’ll have to do.” He said quickly and you nodded.

           “But I don’t have them, where are they?”

           “By the door, Wade left them there thinking you wouldn’t escape.” He said quickly and he walked to the front of the door, crouching down so you could grab your quiver. Your also grabbed your machete, and the small dagger lying on the ground beside it. You carefully placed the machete across your chest and stomach, knowing it wouldn’t fall off while he was running. And you patted Mark’s waist, finding an empty dagger holder and placing the dagger there.

           “Finished?” He asked jokingly, raising an eyebrow with pink dusted cheeks. You stuck your tongue out and pulled your bow out of your sheath, notching an arrow and nodding.

           “Let’s go.” You said, and Mark nodded. You casted a glance up at him while he wasn’t looking and when you guys entered the awfully bright hallway you noticed something, his eyes were black instead of the warm chocolate brown ones you fell in love with.

           I’ll wait till he gets me out of here. He seems to have good intentions in mind, even if he isn’t Mark. You thought, looking forward and having your bow ready to fire.

           - - Mark - -

           He and Jack were racing down hallway after hallway, and finally Jack came to a slow stop. The metal door was cracked open, and Mark assumed there was faint candle light coming from it but he couldn’t tell, considering it was super bright outside. It was eerily quiet, and his eye’s caught a small patch of dry blood. His heart sank.

           “Jack… I don’t think-“

           “Laddie! She ought ta be here! I saw Wade bring ‘er ‘ere!” Jack cried out, and Mark nodded, letting out a small sigh. Jack shoved the door open and Mark darted in, then stopped.


           “I see…. Shite.” He whispered quietly as I walked up to the table she had been attached too. The ropes were frayed where they had been cut, and the candle under the table was almost gone. Mark rested a hand on the table, the wood rough under his fingers. He frowned the slightest.

           “I’m sorry Mark, but we can still head towards the surface, that’s where she would’ve headed.” Jack said, and Mark turned around.

           “Then let’s-“ He was cut short as a flash of metal more than halfway down the hall caught his eye.

           “Jack!” He launched forward, grabbing Jack and pulling him down as he went down. They landed with a thud and Jack rolled out of the doorway while Mark rolled to other side.

           “Got anything besides swords?” Jack asked, looking over at him as they leaned against the wall. Mark shook his head then paused, he did. He pulled the pistol off his hip, skidding it across the floor to Jack’s feet.

           “That it?!” He said loudly, and Mark curled his lip.

           “I wasn’t expecting this much Jack! Cut me some slack!” Mark cried out, and Mark finally looked to see what had flashed down the hallway. Stuck in the table, where he had been standing, was a small dart, much like the one they had used on you.

           “Let’s get out of this alive.” Mark said softly, eyes drifting over to Jack, who nodded.

           “Yea, let’s do that.”
Guys, I need to take a break.

I broke down and told my parents that I'm overly stressed, like really stressed out, and I cried and shit

and I just-

I need a break

but, i do have osme gifts for some deviants on here

and i should have some of my commissions finished

sorry guys

i just--

i could really use this break.
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Stop someone from committing suicide... 
  • Listening to: my teach be coolio man
  • Reading: FaNfIcTiOn
  • Watching: My Biology teacher be amazing 0u0
  • Eating: NoThInG
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